Peter Larsen Kaffe - Market Analysis Report - Danish

This report was made as Marketing & Communications plan for Erhversakademi Sjælland (EASJ). The marketing was not as effective as they wanted it to be so we made a report detailing how to improve their image and overall communications model for the same amount EASJ had budgeted on their previous marketing.

Which group drinks the most coffee?

Under 30








When do you drink your coffee?

In the morning


To and from work




After lunch


On the job


Problem Definition

What are the opportunities for sales, for Peter Larsen Kaffe A / S selling coffee via mobile coffee bars in Norway?


Mobile coffee bars have ample opportunity to provide good advertising and great flexibility compared to the target audience. For Peter Larsen Kaffe, it is important to hit the target audience with good locations and timing. Mobile coffee bars are the best distribution channel for this. Mobility makes it possible to position strategically in and at customer flow, for example. by train stations.


There is an increasing health awareness in Norway, also within "Hot Drinks". Norwireagens have become more aware of the importance of different products for maintainning good health, and are replacing coffee with substitute products like tea. Therefore, tea could be an idea for Peter Larsen's Coffee, to sell supplementary products such as tea and decaffeinated coffee, as they can hit this segment to.


The busy segment, age group 30-44 years. The company's marketing mix includes the value of being able to take the coffee on the go, (Place in the Marketing Mix). The mobile coffee bars give this value to the segment. It is essential to place the mobile coffee bars, where and when the customer need arises, ie In areas with large foot traffic morning and afternoon when the customer is on his way to and from work, and at workplaces / densely populated areas in the period between them.