Kevin TAylor

Marketing & Sales


2018 - Present

This blog is a side project. I do the graphics design, SEO and marketing campaigns.

2017 - Present

Alpha Mob

In my spare time I run a brand and webshop, Here I work on product design, product descriptions, listings, pictures, editing in Adobe Photoshop, creating animation clips in Adobe After Effects, composing marketing campaigns on social media, and prep marketing material for newsletters in MailChimp. Throughout the year, I’ve learned a lot about marketing and how to run a business.

2016 - 2017

Teamcoordinator in Detail

I’ve learned a lot as a leader. Finding out what motivates my employees and how to deal with both colleagues and customers in critical situations.


Department Manager at was an online detail store made in cooperation with Dansk Supermarket Group. I was responsible for the department in the house.

About Me

I have worked for Dansk Supermarket Group for 6 years and have been in managment for 2 years. I am a happy, outgoing and accommodating colleague who is not afraid to get hands-on. I am disciplined and strive to make the most of my work every single day!


2017 - Present

AP Degree in Marketing Management​

This study spans 2 years consisting of four semesters. The first three semesters are based on  practice oriented teaching, project work, case work and presentations in Danish. The fourth semester will consist of an internship.

2012 - 2015

HTX, Technical Education Lyngby

Technology, Innovation and Design. Here I have obtained an Innovation Diploma in the third year.



Leadership & Cooperation - AMU

“The participant is aware of his leadership style, behavior and basic attitude, and factors that affect the interaction between managers and employees. The participant can solve management and collaboration problems.”


Service Coach - AMU

“The participant can handle the initial contact with the customer in a positive way, listen to the customer’s needs and expectations, including using techniques to complete sales and end the contact in a positive way.”


Photoshop 95%
Adobe After Effects 85%
Sony Vegas 75%
WordPress 70%
Autocad 3Ds Max 45%
Html & CSS 30%