Erhversakademi Sjælland - Marketing & Communications Report - Danish

This report was made as Marketing & Communications plan for Erhversakademi Sjælland (EASJ). The marketing was not as effective as they wanted it to be so we made a report detailing how to improve their image and overall communications model for the same amount EASJ had budgeted on their previous marketing.

Problem Definition

How can EASJ Roskilde increase the level of awareness regarding their Marketing Economics education and attract more students to the program

Data Collection

We have conducted two questionnaire surveys where we have focused on both qualitative and quantitative data collection. Here we have collected data from HHX in Roskilde and Marketing economist students at the business area's common areas. We got 101 Answers from HHX students and 57 from MAK students. The questionnaire data has not taking into account class or semesters, including due to too few answers.

Digital Marketing

EASJ is currently using a multi-channel marketing strategy. We would like it to be more omni-channel, but since this is expensive and cumbersome insight of the budget, we aim for cross-channel as new strategy. The experience of EASJ must be uniform across all channels' touch points, so the overall concept must be used across all departments internally..


3 selected audiences. The primary audience, which is HHX students in the age 18-25 years, the secondary target group containing STX and HTX students in the same age group and even a tertiary target group in an older segment, 25-45 years already been out in the labor market and seeking new knowledge.